Howard Previews Lizzo’s Stern Show Debut and Hollyweird Squares

“You don’t go in front of the New York Philharmonic if you don’t know what the f-ck you’re doing,” an impressed Howard says ahead of pop star’s upcoming appearance

December 7, 2022

Howard on Wednesday morning appeared excited for two significant albeit very different happenings coming up soon on the Stern Show. Kicking things off, pop star Lizzo will be sitting down with Howard for the first time on Monday, Dec. 12. “Fascinating woman — can’t wait to talk with her,” he admitted to Robin of the multi-Grammy winner before listing some of her many talents. “She’s quite the flautist … I mean she’s like world class … she’s a rapper … she can also sing her ass off.”

Playing some clips of the artist’s work, Howard was also taken with her 2020 performance of “Pomp and Circumstance Military Marches” with the New York Philharmonic. “She’s pretty accomplished, you don’t go in front of the New York Philharmonic if you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing,” he observed.

Wednesday, Dec. 14 will see the return of Hollyweird Squares, with appearances from frequent Stern Show guests Ike Barinholtz and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Howard impersonator Matt Friend, Wack Packers Wendy and High Pitch Erik, fast-food enthusiast Rooster, Fake Liza Minnelli, Fake Kanye West, and HungerrFF of Fist Fest and Flirty Gary fame. “It’s a great lineup and I’m just excited,” Howard boasted before noting that two members of the United States military will be competing for prizes. “Setting this thing up too is like a military operation. We’ve got a team of producers … helping Wendy set up a microphone today — it’s a real challenge.”