Howard Channels Golden Globe Winner Austin Butler Channeling Elvis Presley

“People do get stuck in roles ... Johnny Depp thinks he’s a pirate,” co-host Robin Quivers adds

January 11, 2023

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers had plenty to talk about Wednesday morning while recapping the 80th annual Golden Globes, from the hard-hitting Ijokes recent Stern Show guest Jerrod Carmichael told while hosting to their fondness for “White Lotus” star Jennifer Coolidge, who Howard thinks should win an award at every ceremony. The two were also amused by 31-year-old actor Austin Butler, who seemingly channeled Elvis Presley while accepting the Best Actor award for his portrayal of the King.

“Daniel Day Lewis is a method actor — on set he’ll maintain his Abe Lincoln persona — but this kid seems to have turned into Elvis a long time [after] the movie’s over,” Howard said before contrasting clips of his acceptance speech on Tuesday night with clips from an interview Austin gave before shooting the film.

“He became Elvis,” Robin marveled.

“The kid changed his whole voice,” Howard agreed before wondering if Austin had stayed in character to convince director Baz Luhrmann to keep the franchise going with “Elvis Goes to Space” or “Elvis vs. Godzilla.”

At one point, Howard delivered his own impression of Austin channeling Elvis. “I wanna thank … a man named Colonel Tom Parker who said to me and mama, ‘You can be a star.’ I just wanna say this: ‘It’s one for the money and two for the show,’” Howard laughed before crooning a few lines from “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and waxing poetic about squirrel steaks and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

“People do get stuck in roles. Johnny Depp thinks he’s a pirate,” Robin pointed out with a laugh.

Howard saw her point. “Look what happened to me, after ‘Private Parts’ I was stuck in the Howard Stern character,” he concluded.