Howard Sounds Off on Armed Police Raiding Afroman’s Home

Plus, Gary Dell’Abate recalls the time the rapper asked him for career advice

January 17, 2023

Afroman, the rapper, musician, and Stern Show guest behind the chart-topping weed anthem “Because I Got High,” was recently in the news after he filmed armed police raiding his Ohio home and then edited the footage into music videos for two songs he wrote about the incursion: “Lemon Pound Cake” and “Will You Help Me Repair My Door.”

“This is kind of fucked up,” Howard said Tuesday morning before giving more details about the story and playing a clip from “Will You Help Me Repair My Door” (below). “Afroman was never charged with a crime, and also he claims police stole $400 from his home.”

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate then chimed in to share a story about his unexpected behind-the-scenes encounter with Afroman during his 2001 Stern Show visit. “He puts his arm around me, he brings me over to the corner, and he says, ‘Dude, what should I do next?’ … It was like, ‘Hey, I was wondering if you had any advice with what I should do next in my career.’ I was like, ‘I dunno,’” Gary recalled, suggesting the rapper had probably confused him with a music industry big wig.

“Fucking Gary didn’t give him good advice,” Howard joked before adding, “In all fairness to Gary, I don’t think he’s figured out where to go next.”