Stern Show’s Miami Trip Starts With a Memorable Dinner Out

Sal tries speaking Spanish to the server and Jon Hein continues to be a picky eater

May 1, 2023

The Stern Show might be in new territory helping open SiriusXM’s Miami studios this week, but certain staffers continue display old behaviors.

While out to dinner at a Cuban restaurant after arriving in town over the weekend, Sal Governale flirted heavily in broken Spanish with the group’s female server. “Sal has not been out of the house in three years,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate theorized to Howard, despite Sal promising beforehand that he’d be on his best behavior. “I would love to tell you that he got crazy drunk, but he didn’t. He just got drunk on seeing women.”

Howard then played audio of Sal flirting with their server in what turned out to be a mix of Italian and Spanish. “Mi nombre es Salvatore … Yo soy un guapo?” he said, asking if she found him handsome. “How do you say, ‘marry me’ in Spanish?”

“Poor woman could have been done taking their order, now she’s got Mr. Personality at the table,” Howard pointed out.

But Sal wasn’t the only one to cause a scene that night. Jon Hein, a notoriously picky eater, was noticeably critical of the restaurant’s menu, rejecting everything from green plantains to banana chips to even filet mignon. “If I couldn’t pronounce it and didn’t know what it was, I wasn’t going to get it,” the staffer said of the menu before explaining his issue with the steak offering. “It was tiny — not big enough.”

“It’s like bringing a child to a restaurant,” Sal noted of dining with his colleague. “He’s looking at the menu and you’d think he’s looking at like a poison.”