AUDIO: ‘Flirty Gary’ Sings in Spanish as ‘Papi G’ in New Miami Phony Phone Call

“You like ‘Despacito’? Well, your p-ssy I will eat-o,” Gary Dell’Abate’s Latin alter ego says

May 3, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After scoring with the fisting community, Juggalettes, and everyone in between, “Flirty Gary” has taken his talents to South Beach.

In honor of the Stern Show’s trip to Miami, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s seductive alter ego transformed into “Papi G,” a Latina-loving lothario who sings, speaks Spanish, and drops pick-up lines galore. “How’s it hanging, mamasita?” Gary told a Cuban woman he met on the dating apps. “I’m looking for a Miami mami who can handle my salami.”

The woman seemed hesitant at first. “I don’t think you can handle this mami,” she told him. “I’m a strong as a shot of Cuban coffee.”

Gary was undeterred. “I’ve got a Cuban missile crisis. In my pants,” he countered. “You like ‘Despacito’? Well, your pussy I will eat-o.”

After that his Latin love interest was hooked, which only emboldened Gary to get wilder. “They call me Papi G because I get all the hot ladies,” he sang. “When they show me their tatas, I shoot stick-sticky goo, stick-sticky goo.”

“Now that’s papi,” the woman responded, adding, “Call me tomorrow.”