Jon Hein Reveals How Pickleball and Jason Kaplan Helped Him Lose 30 Pounds

“My ass is still huge, but I feel better,” the Stern Show staffer says

September 12, 2023

Jason Kaplan is rubbing off on his colleagues. On Tuesday morning, Jon Hein revealed his slimmed-down Stern Show colleague had motivated him to get healthier and lose some weight of his own – 30 pounds to be exact.

“I was actually inspired by Jason,” Jon said. “I did Nutrisystem for about a month and a half … and I gradually shifted off of it. Now, I eat a lot less, and I’m exercising, and I’m actually taking better care of myself.”

While the so-called Fast Food Maniac hasn’t taken the trendy miracle drug Ozempic, he did lean into something just as popular: pickleball. “I play pickleball twice a week,” Jon revealed. “You work up a sweat after a couple hours out there, and I take up the court so I’m actually pretty good at it.”

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers thought their colleague looked great. “Your face looks thinner,” Robin remarked.

Jon appreciated their support. “My ass is still huge, but I feel better, which is good,” he laughed.