VIDEO: Jon Hein Nearly Trampled While Celebrating Michigan’s Big Win

“It was great, and then it was terrifying,” the staffer tells Howard

November 28, 2023

Staffer and proud University of Michigan alum Jon Hein enjoyed a heck of a football game from the sidelines on Saturday as his undefeated Wolverines bested the Ohio State Buckeyes in front of 110,000 cheering fans. But when some of the rowdiest students in attendance stormed the field to celebrate, Hein suddenly feared for his own safety.

“We’re all excited, and all of a sudden you turn, and everyone is coming — and it was terrifying,” Jon told Howard on Monday. “You can’t move. You can’t get off the field … It’s like a concert where you read about people getting trampled.”

Co-host Robin Quivers didn’t get why fans would do that. “Once everybody rushes onto the field there’s nothing to do,” she said.

“Robin’s right … you’re cheering, you’re clapping … and then it’s like, ‘Now what do we do?’” Jon agreed, explaining that stadium officials asked people to leave the stadium, but no one listened. “Everybody wants to get on the field … and party. So, it was great, and then it was terrifying,” he concluded.