Pat Monahan Records Fred Norris’s Heartfelt Ralph Cirella Tribute

Train frontman also shares fond memories of Howard’s late stylist and longtime friend

December 13, 2023

Train frontman Pat Monahan returned to the Stern Show on Tuesday, catching up with Howard about everything from his musical stage adaptation of “Begin Again” to how getting hit with one of Aerosmith’s drumsticks first inspired him to pursue rock ‘n’ roll. The Grammy-winning artist also honored the late Ralph Cirella, sharing kind memories of Howard’s longtime friend and even getting his band together in the studio to record a heartfelt version of the tribute song Fred Norris recently penned.

“I really dug Ralph a lot … He was very kind to me,” Monahan said. “So, when he was surprisingly not here anymore … I was happy to be involved in any way.”

“I think you nailed it,” Howard said before playing the tribute song for listeners.

Howard, co-host Robin Quivers, and Fred were all moved while listening to Pat’s rendition. “I’m very honored that Pat did it,” Fred said, adding, “He enhanced it. He kept it pure. He just did such a great job.”

“What a tribute to Ralphie-boy. He would be beside himself if he knew you did that. Pat,” Howard added.

“It’s all Fred’s work. I just did our version of it,” Pat responded. “Good work, Fred.”

 “I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but have you two discussed the royalty split?” Howard joked.