Staffers Wolfie and Memet Walker Accuse Each Other of Dyeing Their Hair

“I use anti-gray shampoo,” Memet explains, “It restores my natural color”

January 9, 2024

Wolfie joined Howard on the air Tuesday morning after several of the staffer’s colleagues accused him of dyeing his hair black. Before he could even get a word out in his own defense, co-host Robin Quivers chimed in with her thoughts.

“Definitely he’s coloring his hair,” Robin laughed as she caught her first glimpse of Wolfie.

Stern Show staffer Memet Walker agreed. “He went so black it’s ridiculous,” he said.

Wolfie insisted he’d been falsely accused, going so far as to suggest scientists test his hair for evidence of dye. “I usually shave my head like every two weeks, and I just didn’t do it … and my hair is dark,” he said. “There’s some gray in there, but I don’t dye my hair.”

Howard was confused. “It looks like you took shoe polish to your head,” he said.

“If I dyed my hair my scalp would be black … There’s not enough hair to hold them,” Wolfie explained before pointing a finger back at Memet, who he said was the one actually messing with their hair color.

“I use anti-gray shampoo,” Memet said. “It restores my natural color.” “It’s a completely different mechanism than dye,” he continued before admitting he also used medicines like Propecia and Rogaine to combat hair loss.

“Good lord,” Robin laughed. “Is there a medication they make that you don’t take?”

“I have good hair, and the reason I have good hair is that I take steps to make sure it doesn’t fall out,” Memet countered.

“Why are you doing all that?” Howard wondered.

“It’s show business,” Memet said before crediting comedian Pete Davidson with emboldening him to come clean about using hair restoration products. “It was starting to fall out, and I was receding a little bit, and [Pete] was on [the Stern Show], and he was open about using Propecia … and I was like ‘Oh, well, if that guy’s doing it, whatever—it’s no big deal.’”