VIDEO: Memet Is Being Bullied … by a Neighborhood Kid

“[I] was just driving behind a school bus one day and the kid turns around and just starts giving me the bird,” Stern Show staffer tells Howard of his young tormentor

January 10, 2024

It’s no secret that Memet Walker has sometimes had trouble getting along with his colleagues. But on Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer revealed he’s been dealing with a bully — a child who lives in his neighborhood. “[I] was just driving behind a school bus one day and the kid turns around and just starts giving me the bird,” he explained to Howard before admitting he wrote a note to the parents. “I just said, ‘Hey, I want you to know that your son has been flipping me off when I’m driving through the neighborhood.’”

“I don’t know, writing a letter is a real bitch move,” Howard said disapprovingly. “It makes you look like a douche … like you can’t handle it.”

Aside from Memet’s possible bad karma for admittedly behaving similarly as a teen, Howard shared another theory as to why his staffer is having bully trouble — his penchant for wearing cowboy hats and boots.

“Kids think you’re a douche when you dress like that,” he said matter-of-factly. “You’re like a walking poster for some kid to flip the bird … just dress normal.”

While Memet might not get along with actual kids, he had much better luck when he recently attended a Christmas party for “littles” — adult members of the BDSM community who act like children. “These grown-ups were dressed in diapers and they were doing like Christmas crafts for three-year-olds and getting a visit from Santa Claus,” he recalled. “They were very nice people.”

One caretaker — someone who looks after a little — shed some light on their role and responsibilities. “There are days where we just color, days we watch Disney … and then other days we go out and do events like go to the Crayola factory, [and] get into a little mode where she [doesn’t] have to be responsible anymore,” she revealed. “They regress to an age where they no longer have any responsibilities or make any decisions for themselves.”

“Note to parents — avoid the Crayola factory,” Howard joked. “I wish I only had this sort of time for nonsense.”

At one point, Howard was blown away after hearing audio of a little being scolded for throwing a tantrum while crafting. “Let me remind you, you actually drove here — you’re not a child,” he remarked.

“I’ve seen a lot in this line of work, so I’m pretty good at keeping a straight face, but it was strange,” Memet said of the experience.

Hear some highlights from the party (below).