Tan Mom Is Training to Fight an OnlyFans Star to Promote Her Unpublished Memoir, ‘The Color Tan’

“It’s very heartfelt in the beginning and then it turns into more like comedy,” the Wack Packer says of her book

February 13, 2024
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Stern Show delivered a Tan Mom update for the ages on Tuesday morning, revealing the Wack Packer turned politician was preparing to fight an adult performer in the hopes of promoting a new memoir she’s been working on about her life, wild adventures, and fondness for tanning.

According to the bout’s promoter Damon Feldman, however, Tan Mom and her opponent — OnlyFans star Summer J. — wouldn’t actually be hitting each other. They were going to shadowbox.

“It’s the first ever shadowboxing match. They’re gonna have to keep a certain distance in between each other, and they’re going to throw punches, but in the air toward the head and body,” Feldman explained. “We figure we’ll keep it really safe, and this is safe as you can get.”

Apparently Tan Mom never got the memo, as she’d been prepping for an actual fight. “I plan on punching her really hard. I have a personal trainer coming, and I’ve been working out every single day,” she told staffer Memet Walker on the phone. “I’m going to hit her once, and hopefully it’s all it takes.”

After hearing Damon describe it as a shadowboxing bout on the air, however, the Wack Packer became confused. “How do you have a fight if you’re not going to hit somebody?” she asked.

Howard saw her point. “It’s gotta be an event where somebody wins,” he told Damon.

Co-host Robin Quivers took thinks a step further. “I have to ask Damon a question: has anyone ever come up with worse ideas than you?” she asked.

Regardless, everyone seemed excited to learn more about Tan Mom’s written but still unpublished memoir, “The Color Tan.” The book covers everything from her childhood to her involvement on the Stern Show, though for legal reasons she decided to use fake names like Lonnie the Limo Driver, Larry Dell’Amante, and Derick the Actor. “You don’t want to be sued because there are certain things I wrote in the book that are extreme,” Tan Mom said. “It’s very heartfelt in the beginning and then it turns into more like comedy.”

The Wack Packer said the book also contained a multitude of big revelations, including one jaw-dropper she was happy to share on the air: “I reveal in this book that I’m a tanning addict,” Tan Mom said. “I really do need to tan.”