Super Bowl LVIII Recap: Howard Reacts to Taylor Swift’s Big Kiss and Richard Christy Celebrates the Chiefs’ Big Win

“They’ve gotta get married. There’s no turning back now,” Howard says of Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce

February 12, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII left the Stern Show with plenty to talk about Monday morning after the Kansas City Chiefs came from behind in overtime to beat the San Francisco 49ers and claim their third title in five years. It was an epic night for staffer and diehard Chiefs fan Richard Christy, who watched the football game from a K.C.-friendly bar in Queens and recorded his reactions for the air. After playing clips of Richard partying hard, screaming profusely after every play, and singing “We Are the Champions” after the Chiefs’ improbable victory, Howard was impressed to see his staffer in the studio bright and early and looking so lively. “I bet you have no voice today,” he told Richard.

“My voice is fine,” Richard responded before shouting, “How ‘bout them Chiefs?”

“I thought it was gonna be like the Super Bowl where Tom Brady beat them … [but] they came back and they fucking did it,” the staffer continued, starting to choke up. He then suggested K.C. quarterback Patrick Mahomes won the game just for him and his father. “[Mahomes] told me when I talked to him on this show five years ago, he was like, ‘We’re gonna go out and win it for you and your dad,’ and he did it,” Richard marveled, welling up with tears. “We have the tape. He said it.”

While most people don’t bring their own alcohol to bars, Richard confessed he lugged a cooler full of “special beers” through the city Sunday to bring to the bar. “I drank all my beers and then plenty of their beers,” he laughed before explaining he was such close friends with the proprietor that he slept on the man’s couch after the game. “I got a little bit of a musty beer smell to me today,” Christy added before revealing he hadn’t showered since Saturday.

“I was wondering why everyone was grossed out by you this morning when you were standing in the SiriusXM kitchen area, flossing big chunks of meat out of your teeth,” Howard said.

“Brisket,” Richard laughed.

In the eyes of many, the football game paled in comparison to what happened afterward when Taylor Swift ran onto the field to share a passionate kiss with her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“I have to say, I’m now buying that Taylor Swift is madly in love with him,” co-host Robin Quivers noted. “They had a make-out session on camera after the game!”

Howard could only imagine what an adrenaline rush it must have been for the famed couple. “He’s at the Super Bowl, she’s on TV with him, she’s rushing from the concert [in Japan] — the amount of attention is mind blowing,” he said before concluding, “They’ve gotta get married. There’s no turning back now. They can’t break up. They’ve gotta get married. There’s gotta be a payoff.”

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