VIDEO: Richard Christy and Will Murray Make Gross Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl Bet

The loser has to wipe the winner’s ass with their favorite football jersey

February 8, 2023

Stern Show staffers Richard Christy and Will Murray believe in their teams so much, they’re willing to put it all on the line ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII. Richard, a Kansas City Chiefs fan who has already had one jersey ruined and a hat desecrated, told Howard Wednesday of the bet proposed to him by Will, an avid Philadelphia Eagles supporter.

“If the Eagles win, I have to wipe his ass with one of my Chiefs jerseys. If the Chiefs win, he has to wipe my ass with one of his Eagles jerseys,” he explained.

“I’ll take a giant shit right on that stupid [Travis] Kelce jersey,” Will said of one of his colleague’s favorite pieces of K.C. gear. “Eagles are winning that game on Sunday — I’m not worried about it.”

At one point, Richard was reluctant to accept the terms of the bet but Howard, who thought it would be good for air, was quick to call him out. “Since when do you care if your jersey smells like shit?” he argued in reference to his staffer’s checkered past with hygiene.

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