Howard and Robin Debate How to Pronounce ‘Bengals’

“You’re saying it like the rock group the Bangles,” Robin notes during NFL playoff discussion

January 24, 2023

Call it a manic Monday. When Howard attempted to talk about watching the Cincinnati Bengals over the weekend, co-host Robin Quivers thought he wasn’t pronouncing their name properly. “You’re saying it like the rock group the Bangles,” she said Monday morning. “Like these girls got out there and played.”

After some debate, including Stern Show staffer Richard Christy’s assertion that it is pronounced like “Bing Crosby,” Howard returned with a ruling. “The official pronunciation is — Robin’s right — Ben-gals, like Ben Stern,” he stated. “From now on, everyone will say the Cincinnati Ben-gals.”

JD Harmeyer, a longtime fan of the NFL team, disagreed. “No, the Ben-gals are actually the cheerleaders,” he explained.

Speaking of JD, Howard considered reaching out to him during Cincinnati’s contest against the Buffalo Bills, but feared being accused of jinxing them if they lost.

“I think I’d be okay — I might not respond to you immediately,” JD admitted. “I might wait a little bit to see what happens before I respond.”

“I’m your boss, you respond immediately,” Howard joked.

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