VIDEO: Richard Christy Used a Bucket of Kitty Litter as a Bathroom at the Eagles Game

“In the parking lot I’m a Neanderthal,” Stern Show staffer tells Howard of bathroom habits

January 26, 2023

The diapers are off!

Though he’s been known to wear adult diapers at various events, Richard Christy has a new strategy for public urination — cat litter. On Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer told Howard that while he was tailgating at a recent Philadelphia Eagles game, he used the kind of bathroom usually reserved for felines.

“There was a bucket with kitty litter in it and I just pissed in that,” he admitted. “You just go in this little tent and there’s a bucket … and you just piss.”

Apparently, Richard wasn’t the only one. “It filled up,” the staffer revealed before adding, “Somebody needed to go empty it and [refill] it.”

Once Richard entered the stadium, he did use a bathroom reserved for actual people. “I act like a civilized human being then, but in the parking lot I’m a Neanderthal,” he said matter-of-factly.

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