Michael Rapaport Willing to Spank Richard Christy Over Fantasy Football League’s Injured Reserve Rule

“I want him to bend me over his knee and spank me … for misusing the IR spot,” Richard says of the actor and Emotional Friends league commissioner

October 17, 2022

It’s not even halfway into Michael Rapaport’s first season as the commissioner of the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League and his regime is already riddled with controversy.

“I’m doing a great job,” the actor, who made adding an Injured Reserve list at the top of his agenda, told Howard Monday morning. “The league needs cleaning up … It’s been corrupt, it’s been dirty, Jason is running around counting calories — I had to step in.”

Not everyone agrees with Michael’s assessment — starting with Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer, who noted that Rapaport championed the IR list until this weekend. “Michael advocated for this, so we’ve been doing it, and this dummy texts … the whole league saying, ‘You guys are overusing the Injured Reserve, you need to drop this player,’” he complained, before suggesting the reason for the flip. “The issue is, he was at Bravo Con, he couldn’t focus on fantasy football, he couldn’t focus and pick up certain players, so he got pissed, and now he wants to change the rules — it’s ridiculous.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate attacked Rapaport’s skills as a player, comparing him to the New York Mets, whose 2022 playoff run was brief despite a successful season. Michael’s a lot like the Mets. He’s the guy who wins all season and then never wins the league,” he said.

On the other end of the spectrum, Richard Christy not only has embraced the Rapaport era, he’s even devised his own punishment for not using the IR list to Rapaport’s liking. “I’ll be fully nude, Michael can be wearing clothes, but I want him to bend me over his knee and spank me … for misusing the IR spot,” the staffer suggested. I need to learn my lesson.”

“I will make that ass as red as that face. I’ll smack it real nice and real proper,” Michael responded — but with one stipulation. “He has to be bathed that morning … I’ve smelled Gary’s breath, I’m used to the smell of shit, but Richard, you have to take a shower that morning.”

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