Jason Kaplan Flaunts the Form-Fitting Clothes He Scored After Starring in a Weight-Loss Commercial

“Everything in my clothes is slim and skinny,” the staffer says

October 17, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jason Kaplan has shed an astonishing 88 pounds over the past two years, but despite the dramatic weight loss, the increasingly svelte Stern Show staffer refrained from investing in a new wardrobe – until now.

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers marveled Monday morning as Jason hopped on camera boasting a fashionable, form-fitting outfit. He told them Nutrisystem – the weight-loss company he utilized to drop the pounds – had just hired him to star in a commercial and the wardrobe upgrade was one of the perks. “This is from the shoot. This is a slim-cut shirt,” he told Howard. “I have skinny jeans now. Everything in my clothes is slim and skinny.”

Ralph Cirella called in and congratulated Jason on his weight-loss journey, but he also wondered if Jason had overcorrected with his new wardrobe and was keeping things too snug. “You don’t want to start wearing tight clothes, Jason – you’re an old guy,” he said.

“He thinks he’s John Stamos now,” Howard said of Jason with a laugh.

Jason assured them, however, that professionals helped him pick out the new threads. “It was like a real wardrobe fitting,” he said. “There were four women running around, putting me in different outfits [and] doing alterations … It was crazy.”

Jason went on to say shooting the commercial didn’t require memorizing a big script, it mostly involved chatting with the director about how the weight loss had impacted his life. “I talked about how miserable it was being fat and people making fun of me and all that stuff,” Jason said, later adding, “I did [a shot] where I held up a pair of my old pants, and it was shocking.”

“It’s almost two years of keeping it off,” Jason continued. “And it’s life changing.”

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