Jason Kaplan Updates Howard on His Weight-Loss Journey and Newfound Love for Hiking and Vegetables

“I’m down over 72 pounds since January,” the staffer tells Howard with pride

September 7, 2021

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were taken aback by Jason Kaplan’s slimmed-down look Tuesday morning after he hopped on camera to discuss the Stern Show’s well-received summer programming slate.

“Jason looks like a Mario Brother now,” Robin said with a laugh.

Howard was eager for more details about the staffer’s continued weight-loss journey. “How much are you down now?” he asked.

“I’m down over 72 pounds since January,” Jason responded before revealing shedding all those pounds had changed his life in a myriad of ways. For instance, he’s no longer bumping into things with his belly and his wife has remarked on his increased flexibility. He’s also discovered a newfound love for hiking in New Jersey. “I’ve been going on a lot of nature walks and hikes now. I’ve become a hiker,” he said.

Additionally, Jason’s smaller stature has meant he’s no longer forced to shop at specialty shops. He can now find clothes his size in the Big & Tall section of “real” department stores. “I feel good. I did a big shopping [trip] in August at a real store—and didn’t have to go to the ‘fat guy’ store—and I bought all new clothes,” he said.

Jason’s weight-loss journey has been neither quick nor easy, but it has produced results. Since joining Nutrisystem in January he dropped from 301.6 pounds to 229.2. “I look in the mirror and … I feel really good, and it’s been really awesome,” he said, later adding, “I haven’t weighed this since my early 20s—and I still want to lose another 20 or 30 pounds.”

Though the staffer credited much of his success to what he learned via his weight-loss program, he told Howard he’s now also making healthy meal plans of his own. “I actually bought an entire grilling book on vegetables.,” he said. “That [culinary author] Steven Raichlen … I’ve been going through [his] book and grilling vegetables all summer.”

“And that satisfies you? That satisfied the urge?” Howard wondered.

“I’ll throw a little meat [on the grill], but I have a little and then I give the rest away,” Jason responded. “I had a few people over this summer and everyone just left with like half the cow because I don’t want it in my house anymore.”

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