Jason Kaplan and Jon Blitt Visited Ronnie Mund at His Las Vegas Home

Plus, did Gary Dell’Abate big time Ronnie in L.A.?

September 8, 2022

After over two years without seeing one another, Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan, along with colleague Jon Blitt, recently paid Ronnie Mund a visit at his Las Vegas home. On Wednesday morning, the duo revealed Howard’s former driver is an excellent entertainer with an extensive marijuana collection.

“Ronnie’s weed setup is amazing. He has a cabinet you open up and it’s like being in a weed store, it’s all organized in buckets with labels … fucking amazing,” Jason recalled. “We had a great time … We were out until two in the morning drinking, smoking, listening to music.”

“He is so relaxed, the place is great, he was a great host, him and Stephanie are getting along great, they have a super cute dog who loves to party,” Jon added. “It was a really good time.”

Though relaxed, there was at least one thing bothering Ronnie — when Gary Dell ‘Abate supposedly got in the way of his interaction with “Selling Sunset” star Jason Oppenheim while out in Los Angeles recently.  “He was pissed at Gary because Gary kind of cockblocked him,” Jon said of the incident, which was discussed recently on an episode of Stern Show Summer School (above). “Gary kind of scared that dude away.”

While Gary insisted he thought his co-worker was going to chase the reality star down and was only trying to help, Ronnie wasn’t buying it. “I wasn’t chasing him … I was going to walk inside and say, ‘Big fan,’” he told Howard before recalling how Gary made a scene by standing up and announcing who Ronnie was and that he wanted to say hello. “It was worse what he did.”

“I will take Ronnie’s side on this one. Why do you need to introduce Ronnie?” Howard responded before noting the familiarity of Gary’s behavior. “I’ve seen Gary do that move to Bradley Cooper and I’ve got news for you, I would probably prefer Ronnie just walk up to the guy himself.”

Though Ronnie believes Gary acted out of jealousy, it’s something the executive producer vehemently denies. “I’m not looking to diminish Ronnie,” he contended. “He seems pretty happy and I’m happy for him … I genuinely love the guy. I’ve known him for 38 years and I love him.”

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