VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Gets Goofed On While Talking About His Visit to the Magnetic North Pole

Stern Show’s executive producer recalls traveling there to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers

May 6, 2022

Gary Dell’Abate got very specific on Wednesday when reminiscing about a trip he once took to the North Pole to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform. “We weren’t on a cruise. We were up at the North Pole. We stayed on a Russian ice cutter and then we took a helicopter to the actual magnetic North Pole,” the Stern Show’s Executive Producer began.

“Why do you call it the magnetic North Pole?” Howard asked.

“That’s straight on top of the world. That’s what they kept saying,” Gary responded before insisting he wasn’t bragging about his sojourn.

“He doesn’t know where he was. He doesn’t know why he was,” co-host Robin Quivers laughed.

But the jokes didn’t stop Gary from sharing more intricate details from his Arctic journey. “I remember when we flew we went above something called the Tree Line and literally, you can see from the plane, green stuff just stops growing,” he said.

That’s when the Fred Norris-voiced Gary Puppet chimed in: “Did you know that the only green I saw after the Tree Line was the green on my teeth?”

“I saw that one coming like a fucking haymaker,” the real Gary responded.

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