Ronnie Mund’s Sex Life Came to a Screeching Halt After He Caught COVID-19

“[Cold medicine normally] horns me up like un-fucking-believable, [but] my dick was dead,” laments the septuagenarian staffer

June 6, 2022

Ronnie Mund revealed he was on the mend Monday morning after catching COVID-19 over the break.

“It was bad,” the 72-year-old staffer told Howard. “I had a low-grade fever that didn’t bother me much, but I had a sore throat like I never had in my life—it was like somebody took a fireball and dumped it down my throat—and the worst cough. I couldn’t stop coughing.”

Ronnie said his sore throat was so bad he couldn’t ingest anything but tea, honey, and soup for about five days. Thankfully, Howard’s longtime limo driver was not only vaccinated but was able to receive quick treatment from a qualified doctor, so he’s now doing much better.

In addition to presenting some classic COVID-19 symptoms like a fever and loss of smell, Ronnie revealed contracting the coronavirus had also obliterated his sex drive. “Normally, if I’m sick … [cold medicine] horns me up like un-fucking-believable, [but] my dick was dead,” he told listeners, explaining that even a “sexy” shower video his fiancée Stephanie had recorded for him was unable to get him in the mood.

“It was great, but it was worthless to me. I couldn’t do anything,” he told Howard, adding, “I’m telling you, my dick was dead. I couldn’t smell anything.”

While COVID-19 made actual sex temporarily impossible, it didn’t stop Ronnie from continuing to share photos of scantily clad women on his notoriously racy Twitter account. After taking a one-day hiatus in observance of the tragic elementary school massacre in Uvalde, Tex., Mr. Mund reportedly returned to sharing erotica at an almost unfathomable pace.

“Even with the 24-hour break and the COVID, Ronnie retweeted over 140 sexy pictures,” Howard marveled.

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