AUDIO: Ronnie Mund Practices His Hebrew Prayers in New Phony Phone Call

“My man knows anal backward and forward, but not Hebrew,” Howard laughs

January 24, 2022

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund is the Stern Show’s authority on everything from sex positions to car transmissions, but there are a few subjects the staffer has yet to master. For instance, despite being raised Jewish and even reading from the Torah at his bar mitzvah ceremony, Ronnie’s not exactly a Hebrew scholar. So, when he tried to recite a Jewish blessing for the show, the result didn’t exactly sound kosher.

“My man knows anal backward and forward, but not Hebrew,” Howard said after playing a clip of Ronnie’s attempt.

While the staffer’s rough recital might not score him an invite to rabbinical school, the effort did come in handy during a recent phony phone call to a radio show which involved Ronnie demonstrating Hebrew for the hosts. “You guys ready to get this shirt started?” Ronnie screamed before tripping over his Jewish prayer.

“I think you’re doing good. I recognize one word,” one host responded before ultimately suggesting Ronnie seek out a tutor.

Ronnie didn’t take kindly to the suggestion. He broke into a profanity-laden tirade and the hosts hung up on him. When Ronnie called back in later, the hosts gave him another shot, but it still wasn’t meant to be.

“Mazel tov, you fucking idiot,” Ronnie yelled before ending the second call.

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