Ronnie Mund Pranked Into Retweeting Sexy Photos Filled With Hidden Messages and Accused Murderers

Howard’s longtime limo driver also tweets his respects to a dearly departed online friend

May 2, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund recently said goodbye to a friend and fellow porn connoisseur on Twitter while simultaneously saying hello to a brand-new prank masterminded by his co-workers Jon Blitt and Chris Wilding.

“[Emilio] was a great guy and was always a big part of [the] Twitter World. [He] loved putting up pics of beautiful women. He will be always missed,” the 72-year-old Stern Show staffer tweeted at one point. “Happy Humpday! Rest in peace Emilio my friend,” he later added.

As Howard explained Monday morning, Emilio was more than just Ronnie’s digital pal. He also supplied the longtime limo driver with much of the salacious content that wound up on his social media feed. “This guy used to send Ronnie tweets of hot chicks to retweet.” Howard said. “So, it was like a sad day for all of Ronnie’s creepy fans.”

Though Emilio is gone, Ronnie told listeners his presence in the digital porn community will not soon be forgotten. “I know right now they’re leaving the account open as a tribute to Emilio, so hopefully [his] son will take the account over and start posting some pictures,” he said.

“When you go do you want your son to take over?” co-host Robin Quivers asked.

“No,” Ronnie laughed.

Chris Wilding and Jon Blitt let Ronnie in on the prank they've been pulling on him for months Chris Wilding and Jon Blitt let Ronnie in on the prank they’ve been pulling on him for months

Unfortunately, not all of Ronnie’s recent tweets were as respectful as his remembrances for Emilio. As Jon and Chris revealed Monday, Howard’s longtime limo driver had for the last few months been unwittingly retweeting everything from scantily clad images of notorious Nazi Eva Braun and accused murderer Casey Anthony to Photoshopped porn pics filled with hidden messages like “Ronnie is a dumb fuck” and “We are goofing on you, dummy.” He even retweeted a lewd photo with staffer Jason Kaplan’s likeness edited into it.

“We got him to retweet, Howard, the craziest shit to the point we held back [because] we were worried we were gonna get his account suspended,” Chris said, explaining he and Jon created fake Twitter accounts with handles like “Ronnie Is Elderly,” enlisted the help of artist and Stern Show superfan David Glantz, and, ultimately, tricked Ronnie into retweeting over 50 altered photos.

“We censored ourselves. We could’ve done a lot worse,” Jon added.

“Ronnie didn’t vet the [pictures]. He didn’t look at the hidden [messages]. He retweeted it no problem,” Chris explained, telling Howard the modifications were sometimes so obvious that even Ronnie’s fans started noticing. At one point, they even tricked him into retweeting a doctored video that goofed on Ronnie to the beat of one of his favorite Cher tunes.

“This teaches you a lesson. You better look at these pictures before you tweet them,” Howard concluded.

“Oh, believe me. I’m going to start looking at this shit with a magnifying glass now,” Ronnie responded, later adding, “They’re going to keep trying. Now it’s going to get worse, I know it.”