JD Harmeyer Is Considering Quitting Fantasy Football

“I’m just throwing money away every goddamn year,” frustrated Stern Show staffer complains

September 28, 2020

Just three weeks into the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League season, JD Harmeyer is already having second thoughts about playing. “This is one of those years where nothing is going well,” the frustrated Stern Show staffer – who took a brutal beating opening week from actor Michael Rapaport – told Howard on Monday. “Like, I have a decent team but everyone’s getting injured. The first week I couldn’t even score 100 points … I won last week but this week I lost and it’s just like what am I doing? I’m just throwing money away every goddamn year, you know, paying for everyone else. I hate it.”

This isn’t the first time JD has considered hanging up his fantasy cleats either. “Something always happens where it comes the end of the year, I suck, and like I don’t need to do this next year and then next year comes around and like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait for fantasy football to start again,’” he tried to explain.  “Like, I completely forget how miserable I was.”

When asked what he might do with the extra time, JD did have one idea. “I don’t know, I might read a book or something,” he suggested with a laugh.

Howard went on to play some recorded audio that JD’s wife secretly captured of one of his other hobbies – playing “Madden” football on his PlayStation. “It must be hard for your wife to get sexually aroused after listening to this all day. I mean, it’s got to be tough,” he teased after hearing his longtime staffer make a series of noises, grunts, and curses while playing the iconic video game.

“I don’t know, I just get into it,” JD went on to explain. “It’s mostly yelling at myself, like rather than doing it in my own head I just yell at myself.”

Listen to JD’s frustrated noises in the audio (below).