Richard Christy Is Going to Be a Dad … Again!

“Gotta have somebody to keep Bubby busy,” Stern Show staffer jokes of the news

September 29, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Christy house is about to get a whole lot noisier.

Stern Show staffer Richard Christy proudly announced Tuesday morning that he and wife Kristin are expecting their second child, a son. “It’s planned, we’ve been trying for a while,” he said of the news that firstborn Bubby was getting a little brother. “Gotta have somebody to keep Bubby busy, we need somebody to wear Bubby out.”

When Howard and co-host Robin Quivers pointed out the couple already have their hands full with Bubby, whose birth name is Carson, Richard wasn’t concerned. “That day was something different ‘cause both his parents weren’t paying attention to him,” he explained. “I’ll be on Bubby duty and my wife will be on new baby duty … there will be a lot of doody going on.”

Though Carson was named after Carson Wentz, the quarterback of Kristin’s beloved Philadelphia Eagles, this time the couple is going in a completely different direction. “My wife picked out the name Cameron because she likes it and I picked out the name Chuck after a friend of mine that passed away 19 years ago, so it’s Cameron Chuck Christy,” Richard revealed.

“He’s trying to start his own dynasty – you know, like the Kardashians are all Ks,” Robin joked upon the realization that both children will have names that start with C.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In less exciting news, a jogging accident has left Richard – a celebrated heavy metal drummer – with a possible broken pinky finger. “I was running and I just tripped on the sidewalk and my hand broke my fall,” he told Howard and Robin after admitting he was trying to avoid the doctor. “I’m going to see how bad it gets, it’s all kind of gooey today – as long as it doesn’t get infected.”

“You’re waiting for it to get infected – it looks infected,” a concerned Howard noted. “You’re pretty fucking macho.”