Richard Christy vs. Michael Rapaport: 2019 Stern Show Fantasy Football Champion Decided

See who takes home the trophy in this year's final Emotional Friends league matchup

December 24, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Richard Christy has cemented himself as a bonafide fantasy football champion.

After topping Michael Rapaport in the Emotional Friends league finals back in 2017 when he shared Team Salard with his co-worker Sal Governale, Richard has again trounced the actor with a convincing win in the 2019 championship —this time all on his own.

Rapaport, for his part, took to Twitter to bemoan the loss.

Check out the championship matchup and the full results from this year’s fantasy football playoffs (below).


#4 Chris Jones’ 3rd Leg vs. #2 RapaportsDeLite

(Richard Christy vs. Michael Rapaport)

172.3 – 131.6

Photo: ESPN

Semifinal Results

#1 Melvin’s Back vs. #4 Chris Jones’ 3rd Leg

(Jon Hein vs. Richard Christy)

140 – 165.8

Photo: The Howard Stern Show
Photo: ESPN

#2 RapaportsDeLite vs. #3 Hollywood Harmeyer

(Michael Rapaport vs. JD Harmeyer)

162.8 – 151.1

Photo: The Howard Stern Show
Photo: ESPN

Quarterfinal Results

#3 Hollywood Harmeyer vs. #6 Who’s Ben Barto?

(JD Harmeyer vs. Ben Barto)

146.9 – 131.4

Photo: ESPN

#4 Chris Jones’ 3rd Leg vs. #5 Saved By Le’Bell

(Richard Christy vs. Gary Dell’Abate)

132.2 – 118.4

Photo: ESPN