Stern Show Fantasy Football: Here’s Who Won a Spot in the Semifinals

One of the biggest trash talkers in the Emotional Friends league earns the top seed

After a pair of upsets in Round 1 of the playoffs, the final four teams in the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football league have been decided. Check out the semifinal matchups (below).

#1 Team RapaportsDeLite vs. #6 Red Rockets

Photo: Getty Images/The Howard Stern Show

Actor Michael Rapaport was kicked out and then voted back into the Stern Show’s fantasy football league and has now secured the top seed in the Emotional Friends playoffs. Next he takes on Will Murray, last season's runner-up. Despite being a six-point underdog heading into his Round 1 game against Jon Hein’s team No Country, Will was able to put up 40 more points than his co-worker with his two superstar receivers DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams. But will his players perform as well next weekend versus Team RapaportsDeLite?

Check out Rapaport’s and Will's team lineups (below).

Photo: ESPN

#2 Team Salard vs. #5 Your Best Day

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Richard Christy and Sal Governale joined forces for their first year in the Emotional Friends league and finished the season in second place. After getting a Round 1 bye, the two Stern Show staffers will face off against Scott "the Engineer" Salem who moves on even with his omnipresent “black cloud” that always seems to strike him with bad luck. That certainly wasn’t the case this weekend, though, when Scott upset Stern Show staffer Ben Barto in their Round 1 matchup, winning by nearly 25 points.

Check out the lineups for Richard and Sal’s Team Salard and Scott Salem's Your Best Day (below).

Photo: ESPN

Check back next week to see who on the Stern Show is moving on as the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football playoffs continue!