VIDEO: Michael Rapaport Leaves Vulgar Messages for Fantasy Football Opponents Gary Dell’Abate and JD Harmeyer

Plus, “JD’s Wife” reveals she’s turned on by his video game habits

September 22, 2020

The Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League just kicked off a brand-new season and celebrity superfan Michael Rapaport has once again resorted to berating his opponents with a slew of lewd voicemails. The actor and filmmaker faced off against Gary Dell’Abate this past weekend and gave both the staffer’s football team and email inbox a brutal beatdown.

“He had a day yesterday that was unlike any other. Maybe one of the highest scoring days,” Gary told Howard on Monday. “At one point, there was [an email] about my asshole was leaking because of all he’d done to me. I was just like whatever.”

Gary went through several notes he received, including one in which Michael fantasize about “power dicking” Baba Booey and another where he penetrates the executive producer’s backside. He wasn’t the only staffer who recently experienced the wrath of Rapaport, either. The actor played against JD Harmeyer last week and berated him just as badly.

“JD, you took a beating last week,” Howard said.

“Oh my God, yes, he fucked me last week. He did,” the staffer replied.

Instead of leaving JD voicemails, Rapaport now sends him voice texts. Howard played several on Monday, including one where he commanded the staffer to make his genitals purr like a kitten, another where he imagined JD wearing red lipstick, and a third which compared him to Gary.

“Your entire team failed you. They’re embarrassed to be associated with you,” Rapaport said. “Your fucking glasses suck. Your haircut sucks. Your fucking beard sucks, okay, and your big fucking teeth suck. You got teeth almost as despicable as fucking Gary’s, you big toothed, four-eyed fuck.”

“I pay $200 a year for this abuse,” JD bemoaned after hearing the clips.

It’s not the only virtual football experience JD drops cash on, either. He told Howard he also spent plenty of money buying a new PlayStation to play Madden NFL 21, a football video game he spends hundreds of dollars on and plays every single day. Howard was curious about the game’s allure.

“There are daily objectives in Madden where you have to win two games and buy a pack,” he said. “It’s a whole thing.”

“Buy a pack?” co-host Robin Quivers asked.

“You get coins when you do missions,” JD explained before realizing how silly he sounded. “I’m 40 years old, I’m aware.”

Howard questioned whether JD managed his time wisely. “Will you look back and say, ‘You know, all that time I spent learning Madden football, maybe I should’ve spent it learning a language or learning the guitar?’” he asked. “Do you think you will look back and have regrets?”

“Yes, I will continue to regret things forever,” JD said. “I’m an idiot. I don’t know what to tell you.”

“I know you had fantasies of becoming a film director,” Howard said. “Why not spend this time making a short film?”

“I don’t know. First of all, I don’t have a great idea,” he said, explaining he also struggles to sit down and write at his computer.

The staffer was fresh out of great ideas on Monday but apparently had a few last October when he and the Stern Show traveled to Hollywood. According to those in the know, JD had scheduled a pitch meeting with Netflix head honcho Ted Sarandos … but then it fell through.

“I did prepare, like, you know, some ideas and stuff, and then the thing got canceled,” JD said, explaining he wasn’t even sure what a pitch meeting consisted of at the time.

Howard wanted to hear the staffer’s pitch for Sarandos, but JD was apprehensive. “Are you worried someone will hear this idea and steal it?” Howard asked.

“It’s that and also sounding like a complete idiot,” JD said.

“It’s too late for that,” Howard responded with a laugh.

According to Gary, the original plan was for JD to meet with not only Sarandos but also “Joker” director Todd Phillips and “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn. “We were gonna give him the full treatment,” Gary explained. “I do know that there were three ideas that he had. He had a documentary, he had a comedy, and he had an action-thriller.”

“I think I liked the documentary the most,” JD said, explaining the idea involved documenting the lives of celebrities who shy away from the spotlight. “They’re recluses,” he continued. “Someone like, say, Axl Rose and there was that guy that, uh, I forget.”

Robin wasn’t sure the Guns N’ Roses singer was a great example to include in the pitch. “How reclusive is he? … He’s touring. He’s on social media,” she said, adding, “Reclusive doesn’t mean you don’t talk to the media, it means you don’t go out.”

“Alright, alright, you punched holes in this one,” JD said “Leave me alone.”

“Sounds to me like the idea is he’s going to bother a bunch of people who don’t want to be bothered,” Howard concluded, adding, “I’m rethinking the whole concept. Maybe you should stick to Madden.”

At one point, “JD’s Wife” called in and revealed she not only supported her husband’s video game habit but was immensely turned on by it. “Every time he gets his daily objectives I squirt or whatever,” JD’s beautiful creature told listeners. Listen to a clip from her call (below).