Michael Rapaport Taunts JD Harmeyer in Ahead of Their Fantasy Football Playoff Matchup

Rivalry turns nasty as the actor sends the Stern Show staffer a barrage of harassing voicemail messages

December 11, 2019

Things are heating up as the Emotional Friends Football League playoffs kick off. JD Harmeyer is facing actor Michael Rapaport this week and the Hollywood has once again been sending trash-talk-filled messages to the Stern Show staffer. “It’s not much of a feud, he’s just yelling at me for no reason,” JD told Howard on Wednesday. “I face him this weekend so of course he started leaving me voicemails like, you know, trying to psych me out or whatever … talking trash.”

When Howard brought up the fact that at one point JD didn’t even want the actor in the league, his staffer elaborated. “It’s easier to handle when you’re winning, JD explained. “When you’re doing very badly in the league and you’ve got to hear this shit that’s when I get really fucking annoyed and I hate it.”

“We play each other in fantasy football this weekend and I know you’re the apple of Howard’s eye, well you’re going to be the apple of my eye all weekend, JD.,” Rapaport said in one voicemail. “I’m coming to fuck you up and you can do your little 25 push-ups and your 15 squats a day which isn’t even a workout you fucking worm.”

Upset that JD hadn’t responded to previous attempts at communication, the “Atypical” star didn’t stop there. “Did you fucking block me?” he asked. “Call me back, I fucking texted you about 30 times this weekend you little prick … now I’ve got this number. You can run but you can’t fucking hide.”

“I always love that he’s shocked that you’re blocking him, I mean of course you are,” Howard said upon listening. “He’s calling you horrible names.”

Listen to audio of Rapaport’s calls (below).