Show Rundown: December 16, 2019

Brent Hatley and his wife Katelyn added to Tuesday's Hollyweird Squares lineup

Good Morning Everybody!

Katelyn and Brent Hatley on the Stern Show in JanuaryPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Howard shared a Hollyweird Squares update Monday morning, revealing staffer Brent Hatley and his wife Katelyn have been re-added to the lineup for Tuesday's much-anticipated contest.

The sexually adventurous couple had at first declined to participate in the event after learning the porn star Jackhammer—who recently swung with Katelyn—was getting his own square, but apparently they've since changed their minds.

"I think they were thinking I'd get rid of Jackhammer, but I wasn't going to do that … but anyway they're back," Howard said on Monday, adding, "It's gonna be a great show."

Brent and Katelyn will replace "Alex Jones" in the star-packed lineup, which also features the likes of Nikki Glaser, Lenny Dykstra, Wendy the Slow Adult, and more. Tune in on Tuesday to hear the return of Hollyweird Squares to the Stern Show!