Wait … Are These NFL Hats Meant to Look Like Richard’s Defiled Chiefs Cap?

These actual baseball caps sold on Fanatics.com really do resemble Richard’s Kansas City Chiefs hat

September 14, 2022

Call it life imitating “art.” When the National Football League debuted a new line of hats this season, they looked awfully similar to a rather infamous piece of head attire — Richard Christy’s semen-stained Chiefs hat.

“I think they ripped us off from the cum hat,” Howard proposed Wednesday morning, referencing Richard’s headwear, which was soiled by fellow staffers when he lost a bet to JD Harmeyer. “Can you believe that’s a design? … Tom Brady was wearing one of those hats on Monday night when he was on the sideline, it looked like someone came on his head and I’m like, ‘Are they kidding? Is this like an homage to our show?’”

“Oh, my goodness, yeah, they look like they came out of Sal’s basement,” co-host Robin Quivers added, agreeing with Howard’s theory that a designer caught the hat saga on the show. “I think it is exactly that and if it’s not, we’re going with it.”

After Benjy Bronk, who still has the hat after his rather disappointing contribution to it, showed it off, Howard pointed out even more similarities. “Remember Benjy’s load was weak, and it made little dots all over it? Like even the NFL hat has little dots and then it’s got like a big Sal load all over the top,” he observed before joking about the hat’s value. “That’s his retirement fund right there.”