VIDEO: JD Battles Gary in a Sit-to-Stand Test for the Ages

“JD has never been a specimen,” co-host Robin Quivers notes before the competition

February 29, 2024

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate put the old adage “you’re only as old as you feel” to the test on Wednesday when he faced off against his much younger colleague JD Harmeyer live in the Stern Show studio. The two battled each other in a sit-to-stand test, which the New York Times recently described as a good way to measure a person’s power relative to their age.

“There’s a side bet going on around the office [about] who is the most powerful staffer at the Howard Stern Show,” Howard said before describing how the test would work. “You sit in a chair with a straight back — no arm rests — and you cross your hands over your chest … [and] see how many times you can go from the sitting to the standing position in 30 seconds.”

Plenty of staffers thought they were the strongest person in the group, but Howard was most curious to see if Gary – an avid pickleball player just a few weeks shy of his 63rd birthday — could demonstrate more power than JD, who was 44.

Gary thought he would win, and Howard agreed, but co-host Robin Quivers saw both sides. “Well, JD has never been a specimen,” she noted before wondering if Gary’s recent knee replacement surgery might make it hard for him to compete.

But JD thought that might be an advantage. “He’s got cyborg knees!” JD suggested.

“I’ve had knee trouble,” Gary responded. “You haven’t had any. Yet.”

Per the Times, a healthy man of JD’s age should at least be able to stand 17 times in 30 seconds. JD thought he had a good chance of hitting that mark. However, as Gary reminded him, the staffer also once believed he could beat Robin in an on-air arm wrestling match — and he was wrong.

Ultimately, Howard, Robin, and even former fitness expert turned staffer Samantha Fontana put their money on Gary to win. Only JD’s friend and recent dinner companion Jon Blitt bet on Hollywood Harmeyer.

Finally time for the main event, JD went first and stood up 24 times in 30 seconds, far eclipsing the mark set by the Times.

“I’m impressed,” Gary admitted.

“JD, that was pretty good,” Howard agreed. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he responded, clearly out of breath. “My balls kept slapping into that god damned chair.”

Gary went next but just couldn’t keep up with the younger staffer. He finished with 22.

“Gary was moving like an old guy with two fake knees … [but] you only lost by two, that’s pretty impressive,” Howard said, adding, “You were talking a lot of shit, but now you’re saying you didn’t lose that bad, so JD did humble you.”

“Thank you,” JD said. “I silenced the doubters out there. Thank you.”