Stern Show Staffers Debate on Who the Most Difficult Wack Packer Is

Plus, longtime member Melrose Larry Green calls in for the first time in years

April 2, 2024

There has long been a debate on who the greatest Stern Show Wack Packer of all time is. But who is the most difficult? On Tuesday, Howard asked staffers who deserves the title based on their own dealings as personal handlers.

For Sal Governale, the answer is Beetlejuice. “He’s like a diva,” he said of the Wack Packer. “When he walks into our studio, it’s like he doesn’t want to be bothered. He doesn’t want to do anything … and he calls us idiots.”

Suggesting that Sal “has it easy,” Wolfie said working with Bigfoot is a 24/7 responsibility. “Bigfoot has now turned me into his personal concierge and life coach, so any issue in [his] life, he calls me, and it doesn’t matter what time of day,” he argued. “When I sleep at night, I hear that ‘Wolfie’ in my ears — it is constant.”

Derek Jones wasn’t impressed. “That’s mere child’s play compared to working with Sour Shoes,” he said of the Wack Packer and master impressionist. “Sour Shoes is like trying to wrangle a tornado — he never shows up, you can never get in contact with him when you want to get in contact with him … you cannot control Sour, everything is done completely on his terms.”

Even when Derek is able to get in touch with Sour, the challenges continue. “There’s all these crazy technical difficulties that there’s absolutely no explanation [for],” he remarked. “The people at NASA have it easier.”

Despite a compelling case for Tan Mom made by Memet Walker, an issue-laden call from Sour Shoes gave Howard his answer. “I’ve got to agree with Derek … this would make me insane,” he revealed. “I think Derek wins the argument.”

Speaking of Wack Packers, Melrose Larry Green checked in after a years-long absence. Once known for traipsing around Los Angeles’ busy Melrose Avenue with Stern Show-related signs, Larry has been dormant for quite some time — but he’d like to be in the mix again. “I’ve been emailing Gary … over the last year or so … I want to be a part of the show,” he said of communicating with executive producer Gary Dell’Abate before adding a caveat. “But I’d like to also be known as Lawrence.”

“Lawrence isn’t so interesting, Melrose Larry was a lot more interesting,” Howard joked before throwing the Wack Packer a compliment. “He’s a blast from the past.”