Stern Show Fans Wrote Essays on Their Favorite Staffers for Wrap up Show Special

“As far as I know, Mike did not receive a vote,” Jon Hein says of Gary Dell’Abate nemesis Mike Trainor

May 15, 2024

When Stern Show listeners learned they could win a chance to attend a live Wrap Up Show at SiriusXM’s New York City headquarters, they jumped at the opportunity. To be considered for Fans in the Fishbowl — which aired live on Howard 101 Wednesday morning — potential audience members had to write essays on who they think is the most valuable staffer.

“A lot of different staffers got essays, some more than others,” Jon Hein told Howard before pointing out everyone from Richard Christy and Sal Governale to Chris Wilding and Benjy Bronk were nominated. “Benjy did get a couple of essays … I think literally everyone here in one fashion or another did get some type of support.”

With one exception. When executive producer and Wrap Up Show co-host Gary Dell’Abate asked if his recent nemesis, Mike Trainor, had gotten any support, Jon couldn’t help but laugh. “I think you know the answer to that question,” he responded. “As far as I know, Mike did not receive a vote.”

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