Stern Show Staffers Fuel Howard’s Trepidation About Traveling to Italy With Jimmy Kimmel

“The people are beautiful but everybody f-cking smokes and everybody coughs, and I got very sick when I was over there,” Chris Wilding recalls of recent experience

June 3, 2024
Photo: Getty Images

After a delay of more than five years, Howard and Beth Stern are finally headed to Italy. But despite their travel plans with Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney moving along, Howard still has plenty of reservations. “Why do people like to travel?” he wondered out loud Monday morning. “It’s a pain in the ass, you’re not at home, you don’t have your stuff, you’ve got to unpack, you’ve got to walk around everywhere and act like you’re excited about seeing some old fucking buildings.”

Stern Show staffers Wolfie and Chris Wilding didn’t help matters when they reported back to Howard about their recent experiences in the European country. “Everything is so crowded, everywhere you go is just mobbed — the streets are packed,” Wolfie explained. “All the streets are covered in dog shit … when you come back, you’re going to say I was right.”

“The people are beautiful but everybody fucking smokes, and everybody coughs, and I got very sick when I was over there,” Chris said before adding he found the men to be very forward. “I was there with my mother … and the waiters were getting very handsy with her.”

Joining in on the conversation, Beth said that she’s devised a way for it to feel like Howard has all the comforts of home. “I have it all planned out — there’s a lot of mathematics involved,” she revealed of keeping him on his schedule. “We’re going to go and you’re just going to go for the ride — you’re not going to have to worry about anything.”

Those words appeared to put Howard at ease. “I’m nervous about Italy but it seems like it’s going to be great,” he told his better half.