VIDEO: Howard and Robin Quivers React to Lenny Kravitz’s Celibacy Claim

“He seems to be a very, very sexual man,” Howard says

June 4, 2024

Rock star, sex symbol, and repeat Stern Show guest Lenny Kravitz shocked the world last week upon revealing he was celibate and hadn’t been in a relationship for nine years. As much as they adored the multi-platinum musician and longtime friend of the show, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were skeptical.

“I like Lenny. We’ve met him many times. I’m calling bullshit,” Howard said. “He seems to be a very, very sexual man.”

“Let me go talk to him. I’ll get the truth out of him,” Robin laughed.

Furthermore, Howard and Robin couldn’t understand why the “I’ll Be Waiting” singer would wear so much form-fitting leather and work so hard to maintain his physique if he wasn’t getting intimate. “Nobody wears leather pants unless you’re fucking,” Howard joked.

“Why doesn’t he put on a monk’s robe if he’s not into sex?” Robin agreed.