Rob Corddry Delivers Powerhouse Hit ‘Em With the Hein Closer on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’

The friend of the Stern Show even pulls off a Baba Booey too

September 6, 2016

Rob Corddry delivered a powerhouse rendition of Hit ‘Em With the Hein during his recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show that would (and did) make our own Jason Kaplan proud.

The actor, comedian, and friend of the Stern Show was breaking down how the New England Patriots will fare in their first four games without star quarterback Tom Brady when he pulled out the powerful closer with a gusto few others could muster.

Moreover, Rob even worked a classic Baba Booey into the mix for good measure, too. While talking about the Pats’ early schedule, Corddry told viewers: “You’re going to be furious. I’m going to be furious. But whatever man … Namaste. Hakuna matata. Baba Booey. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you hungry.”

Watch the closing seconds in the video (above) as Rob pulls off one of the most memorable Hit ‘Em With the Hein calls in recent memory.

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