Video: Watch Iron Man Take Over Ohio State’s Halftime Show

OSU's marching band also takes shape as Superman and Spider-Man during Saturday's football game

November 8, 2016
Photo: Youtube

In between fighting crime and being a billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, Iron Man made time on Saturday to entertain football fans in Columbus, Ohio.

When the Ohio State University Marching Band took the field this past weekend, during the halftime break of the OSU-Nebraska game, it did something marvelous (pun intended) — it turned into Iron Man. Not only did the marching band take the shape of the popular comic book hero (portrayed on the big screen by frequent Stern Show guest Robert Downey Jr.), it also took flight!

Iron Man wasn’t the only hero featured at halftime, either. The OSU band also took shape as Spider-Man, Superman, and even the Bat-Signal while playing each hero’s theme song.

For the record, Ohio State, one of the nation’s top-ranked college football programs, trounced Nebraska, 62-3.

Watch the full halftime show (below).

h/t: io9

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