Laura Lippman Wonders If Bobo Will Keep His Name

New York Times bestselling author returns to the Wrap Up Show

July 12, 2017
Photo: AP/The Howard Stern Show

Author Laura Lippman stopped by Wednesday’s Wrap Up Show and shared several interesting observations about the recently re-crowned Bobo.

In addition to praising the possibility of a Fox News musical and tipping her hat to Fred Norris’s trivia knowledge, the New York Times bestselling novelist discussed the Walk of Shame Steve from Florida recently undertook to reclaim the Bobo name.

Lippman, who is married to fellow author and “The Deuce” co-creator David Simon, also wondered if the “extreme superfan” was bound to lose his name again.

“Is there a pool for how long it’ll be before he’s stripped of the name again?” she asked.

“There’s no official pool,” host Jon Hein replied.

“I think there should be,” she continued. “I want 183 days. That’s my number in the pool.”

Jon, for his money, took the under: “I think he’ll definitely lose it before then because he’s just prone to make certain types of mistakes that immediately get picked up on on this show.”

Of course, this isn’t Laura’s first time getting candid about Bobo. In March, she joined the Wrap Up Show co-hosts in a discussion about whether or not Bobo was actually a Stern Show superfan. Bobo—operating then under the name Steve From Florida—was displeased with her analysis and said as much on Twitter.

Though she responded to his Twitter message in March, Laura revealed on Wednesday’s Wrap Up Show that she’s uninterested in sparring with Bobo. “I don’t engage in feuds,” she said.

Regardless of whether Bobo can keep his name, Laura complimented Howard for returning it to him in the first place. “I was actually really touched by how much compassion Howard had for him,” she said. The fact that he did it because [Steve] was so wrecked, I actually thought it was pretty kind.”

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