VIDEO: James Franco Guards Unspeakable Nightmares in ‘The Vault’

Bank robbery-gone-wrong horror flick debuts Sept. 1

July 26, 2017

Crime doesn’t always pay, at least not in the new trailer for James Franco’s upcoming horror film “The Vault.”

The actor, filmmaker, and repeat Stern Show guest stars as the manager of a bank under siege by two sisters (Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood) trying to steal money to help their brother. But they’re robbing no ordinary bank.

The trailer takes a turn after Franco unsuccessfully dissuades them from cracking open a secret, hidden vault. “It’s a private vault. Antiquated. It’s off the grid,” he tells them.

Nevertheless, they persist. And when the characters finally breach the titular vault, they aren’t greeted with stacks of cash, but with a metric ton of nightmare fuel.

Between this horror flick, his upcoming HBO porn drama “The Deuce,” and his upcoming biopic “The Disaster Artist,” Franco has several different projects in play right now. When his friend, frequent collaborator, and “Disaster Artist” co-star Seth Rogen visited the Stern Show in June, he told Howard all about Franco’s acting abilities. Listen to a clip from his interview with Howard (below).

“The Vault” hits theaters and is available on demand on Sept. 1. Watch the trailer (above).

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