VIDEO: The Rock and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Battle Oversized Monsters in ‘Rampage’ Trailer

Action-filled video game adaptation smashes its way into theaters in April

November 17, 2017

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has conquered earthquakes, oceans, and even deadly video games, but in the cinematic adaptation of the classic video game “Rampage” the movie star faces three of his biggest challenges yet.

On Friday, Warner Bros. dropped the first trailer for the action-filled monster movie, which sees The Rock butting heads with “Walking Dead” star and Stern Show guest Jeffrey Dean Morgan over how to save Chicago from an enormous mutated gorilla, wolf, and crocodile.

Though the trailer doesn’t reveal whether Jeffrey’s character is good or bad, the actor does have a penchant for playing memorable villains. In fact, during his 2016 visit to the Stern Show, he told Howard all about how much fun he has playing the bad guy on set of “The Walking Dead,” even after the cameras stop rolling. He joked about trying to get a rise out of co-star Andrew Lincoln, who plays his onscreen nemesis. “I really pick on him,” he told Howard. “I think the bigger reaction I can get off camera from him, if I can get him just screaming and swearing then I know I’m doing my job.” Listen to the conversation (below) or check out his full Stern Show interview here.

“Rampage,” co-starring Oscar nominee Naomie Harris (“Moonlight”), Malin Akerman (“Billions”), Jake Lacy (“Girls”), and Joe Manganiello (“Magic Mike”), hits theaters April 20, 2018. Watch the trailer (above)

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