Richard Christy Reveals He's Ready to Try Beer Made From Sewage Water

“I definitely hope the beer makes it out east,” the Stern Show staffer says, “If not I'll just try making a home brew version of it in my toilet”

Richard Christy at Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich.Richard Christy at Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich.Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Southern California-based brewery Stone Brewing recently unveiled Full Circle Pale Ale, an experimental new beer made from recycled sewage water.

While toilet water might be a turn off to many, Stern Show staffer and resident beer expert Richard Christy revealed he "would definitely drink this beer."

"I love everything Stone Brewery makes!" Richard told "A perfect beer is unique and delicious and yes sewage water could definitely fit that criteria."

Indeed, Full Circle Pale Ale has gotten good reviews. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, for example, recently tried a pint and called it "delicious."

Richard wasn't fazed by the beer's off-putting main ingredient: "If a certain amount of insects are allowed in some food ... then a little sewage water that's been treated and turned into beer isn't going to hurt anybody," he explained.

Stone is the nation's ninth largest brewery, but thus far the company has brewed only five barrels of Full Circle. That means the toilet-to-tap beer isn't yet widely available. "I definitely hope the beer makes it out east," Richard said. "If not I'll just try making a home brew version of it in my toilet."

As for whether he'd be able to identify the sewage brew after ingesting it anally, the Stern Show staffer admitted it might take some practice. "I always have to taste a beer in mouth first to be able to tell which one it is in my ass," Richard said, adding that it might take him a weekend of drinking to differentiate it from some of his other favorites.