VIDEO: First 'House of Cards' Season 5 Trailer Pledges 'One Nation ... Underwood'

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright's political drama returns to Netflix on May 30

Netflix dropped the official trailer for "House of Cards" Season 5 on Tuesday and it seems President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is just as power-hungry as ever.

"The American people don't know what's best for them .... I do," says the Machiavellian political mastermind before outlining his plan for world domination. Meanwhile, a montage of disturbing imagery reveals Underwood and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) struggling to bend the world to their will.

President Underwood ends his rant with a vow that he and the First Lady will maintain control of the Oval Office through 2036, promising to deliver "one nation ... Underwood" to an electorate he obviously despises.

The new season also co-stars Michael Kelly​, ​Jayne Atkinson​, ​Neve Campbell​, ​​Paul Sparks,​ and Joel Kinnaman​. Check out the trailer (above).

"House of Cards" Season 5 hits Netflix on Friday, May 30.