Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth Check Into a Bizarre Hotel in ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ Trailer

Genre-bending thriller co-stars Jon Hamm, Cynthia Erivo, and Nick Offerman

June 8, 2018

Seven strangers with seven secrets spend a night at the same rundown Lake Tahoe hotel in “Bad Times at the El Royale,” a darkly comedic thriller with a star-studded cast that includes “Suspiria” starlet Dakota Johnson, “Avengers” action hero Chris Hemsworth, and 2014 Stern Show guest Jeff Bridges.

At first glance, the newly released official trailer (above) exudes quirky comedy vibes—there’s a zany bellhop, Bridges plays a priest forced to spend the night in a den of iniquity, and a bright red line runs through the center of the hotel denoting the California-Nevada border. But the story takes a turn for the violent and downright bizarre after a shadowy figure kicks open a door and blasts someone in the back with a shotgun round.

Everything really goes to hell after the El Royale guests—also including “Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm and “Widows” star Cynthia Erivo—realize they’re being spied on at the behest of hotel management. Soon enough, Erivo is swinging from chandeliers like she’s in a Sia song, Bridges is confessing sins of his own, and the God of Thunder is dancing around in an unbuttoned shirt like he’s drunk off ambrosia.

“Bad Times at the El Royale,” written and directed by Drew Goddard (“The Cabin in the Woods”) and also starring Nick Offerman and Mark O’Brien, opens Oct. 5. Watch the official trailer (above).

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