VIDEO: Sacha Baron Cohen Goes Undercover in ‘The Spy’ Official Trailer

Netflix limited series from “Homeland” executive producer arrives Sept. 6

August 29, 2019

In the trailer for “The Spy,” comedian and repeat Stern show guest Sacha Baron Cohen is faced with a serious question: “If your country needed you to lie to your friends, your family, your wife, would you do it?”

Premiering on Netflix next month, the six-episode limited series follows Eli Cohen (Sacha), a real-life Mossad agent who spent a year deep undercover in Syria, secretly working for the Israeli government. From “Homeland” executive producer Gideon Raff and co-starring Noah Emmerich (“The Americans”) and Hadar Ratzon Rotem (“Homeland”), the trailer highlights Eli’s transition from filing clerk to Syrian businessman Kamel Amin Thaabet. The longer he remains undercover as Kamel, the harder it appears for him to be Eli, but his sacrifice may have paid off in the long run as the Mossad agent’s work was reportedly a major factor in Israel’s victory over Egypt, Jordan, and Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967.

When Sacha was last on the show in 2016 promoting “The Brothers Grimsby,” he told a very different tale of undercover work, involving an intoxicated bodyguard who was supposed to protect Sacha from an unruly crew of soccer hooligans — see it all here.

“The Spy” debuts on Netflix Sept. 6.

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