VIDEO: Bill Burr Comes Face to Face With Some Female Anatomy in ‘F Is for Family’ Season 4 Trailer

Stern Show veteran’s animated comedy series returns June 12 to Netflix

May 28, 2020

Bill Burr’s character gets overwhelmed after staring into an oversized vagina in the Season 4 trailer for his semi-autobiographical animated comedy series “F Is for Family,” returning next month on Netflix.

The funnyman and past Stern Show guest voices Frank Murphy, a working-class family man loosely based on Bill’s own father. On Season 4, Frank must contend with not only the misadventures of his current children but also the impending arrival of one more. “What will the stork bring us, another princess or the son I always wanted?” Bill’s character asks as the clip begins (above).

“Could be twins,” suggests Kevin, his dimwitted eldest son voiced by Justin Long.

“You shut your mouth!” Bill’s character responds.

At one point in the trailer, Frank brings his pregnant wife Sue (Laura Dern) to a Lamaze class where he’s startled to see a blown-up poster of the female anatomy. “Jesus Christ!” he exclaims. “I’m just a little uncomfortable coming face to face with one.”

“I can vouch for that,” Frank’s wife agrees.

During Burr’s 2017 visit to the Stern Show he didn’t shy away from explaining how his real-life childhood experiences ultimately made him a better comic. “If you go to summer school you became a better comedian. What it was, the summer school was … class clowns, drug addicts, rebels,” he told Howard, adding, “What I loved about them and what I was so fascinated by is they didn’t think consequence. They just thought, ‘I’m doing this,’ and then they would do it.”

“F Is for Family” Season 4 premieres June 12 on Netflix.

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