VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Got the COVID-19 Vaccine and He Recommends Others Do the Same

“It’s painless,” Howard’s longtime limo driver tells listeners

January 20, 2021

After hearing renowned medical expert Dr. David Agus extol the virtues of the new COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday’s show, Howard’s longtime limo driver Ronnie Mund made up his mind to get vaccinated that evening. On Wednesday morning, he reported back about his experience.

“How’d you do?” Howard asked.

“I’m fine. The only thing is I’ve got some muscle ache where I got the shot, that’s it,” Ronnie replied, explaining his fiancée Stephanie also received the vaccine. “Stephanie got a little lightheaded when she got it, but she’s fine,” he said.

“Would you recommend to other people that they get the vaccine?” Howard asked.

“For sure. It’s painless,” Ronnie said.

While getting the vaccine proved safe and painless for Ronnie and his fiancée, the Ronnie Puppet had a slightly more frustrating experience. “Afterwards they gave me a lollipop and a Spider-Man band-aid,” the Ronnie Puppet told Howard. “I wanted a NASCAR band-aid, but they was fresh out.”

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