VIDEO: JD, Gary, and Ronnie All Have Some On-Air Verbal Tics

Plus, he reveals the verbal crutches of fellow Stern Show staffers

November 23, 2021

On Monday, Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer presented a package revealing some of the verbal crutches his colleagues rely on when they’re broadcasting. Kicking things off, he pointed out that Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund has a tendency to say the phrase “Yeah, okay” quite a lot. “Especially when he’s fighting with someone,” he noted to Howard.

When he played a montage of executive producer Gary Dell’Abate repeating “You know” over and over during the Wrap Up Show, Howard was taken aback. “We know, we know. Stop it, already,” he joked.

Further examination of Gary found that over five shows he used the phrase a total 145 times—42 of them during a single broadcast. “What makes the number go up, I wonder?” co-host Robin Quivers asked regarding that record-setting day.

JD even included his own habit of making animal noises. “Apparently, I snort like a wild boar sometimes when I’m on the air,” he admitted. “I can tell you that one of the reasons … I can get like teary-eyed … I will snort to stop that from going any further.”

“Now I know why you want to do mushrooms, dude,” Howard teased his staffer. “You sound like a pig looking for a truffle.”

After it was revealed how Fred laughs whenever the caller Balls is on the line, the Stern Show’s sound effects extraordinaire was quick to explain. “The name is goofy,” he marveled. “It’s Balls, who else has that name? … It’s just funny, for some reason it tickles me.”

“Fred loves Balls, I knew it,” Howard said of his longtime partner.

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