VIDEO: Is a Heavy Metal Singer’s Horse Semen Rant the Greatest Clip JD Harmeyer Ever Pulled?

“He said to me, ‘I found the best clip I ever heard.’ And he’s right,” Howard says of the astonishing video

June 13, 2023

JD Harmeyer has unearthed a treasure trove of memorable media clips over the years, from newscaster flubs to airline passengers gone wild, but on Monday the longtime Stern Show staffer presented Howard with perhaps his greatest finding yet.

“JD’s job is to go on the internet, to go on TV … He said to me, ‘I found the best clip I ever heard.’ And he’s right. This is maybe the best clip JD ever pulled off the internet,” Howard told listeners before playing the clip, which was recorded at a heavy metal concert and involved Red Scare frontman Casey Shaw delivering an on-stage anecdote from his days as a teenage horse semen collector.

“I worked at something called a horse insemination plant … [The owner] was selling [horse semen] for a million dollars a fucking gallon, and I was getting paid four dollars a goddamned hour,” Shaw screamed. “There are three motherfucking people in this goddamned world – three! There’s the man who owns the horse and gets the money, and there’s the man who has the money and gets the horse, and there’s us—we jack off the fucking horses, and we get nothing!”

“Well, there you go,” co-host Robin Quivers said after hearing the clip. “A lesson in life.”

“Is that true that you can get a million dollars for a gallon of horse [semen]? I might get into this business,” Howard joked. “Robin, let’s you and I get some horses and we’ll hire JD to jerk them off.”

While the crowd loved the heavy metal singer’s rant, Howard imagined he might’ve responded differently had he been in the audience. “’Get a job at McDonald’s, dude.’ That’s what I would’ve yelled out,” Howard laughed. “They’ll pay you like 15 bucks an hour.”

Check out the full clip (below).

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