Chris Distefano, Robin Quivers, & Ronnie Mund Play ‘What’s My Freaky Fetish?’

“I almost passed out when I just heard about it,” Howard warns of game

October 25, 2023
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Comedian Chris Distefano, co-host Robin Quivers, and Stern Show staffer Ronnie Mund all bravely joined together Wednesday morning to play a new game, “What’s My Freaky Fetish?”

Before asking a series of questions to fetishist Frank, a 56-year-old computer programmer, Howard gave a heads up to the contestants of the graphic ride they were about to embark on. “I almost passed out when I just heard about it,” he warned.

Since Ronnie admitted to having sex with new wife Stephanie five out of seven days last week, Howard thought he was the perfect person to kick things off. “Being that it’s Cocktober, does your fetish have anything to do with your cock?” the former limo driver wondered.

After Frank confirmed his fetish is cock-related, Ronnie was able to get two more clues before guessing incorrectly. Though Chris missed on his next question, Robin got everyone closer to the goal line with four correct guesses.

Distefano eventually redeemed himself when he, with a gentle push from Howard, figured out Frank’s fetish — genital mutilation. “It’s not without its complications … stepping up to a urinal at an airport you don’t want to pee on the person next to you,” Frank said of his kink. “It’s something that I’ve loved throughout my whole life.”

Frank also revealed he once had to have a surgeon remove an apple he stuck up his rectum. “Listen, it is fall festive to do that — go a little apple ass picking,” Chris jokingly reasoned of the incident.

Winding the game down, Howard appeared to be blown away. “I’m speechless for once,” he admitted. “This might be the end of Cocktober because you can’t top this.”

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